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100% Natural Bees Wax || 100 Grams


Vinyl Large Size Unicorn Wall Decal Sticker – Multicolour

Vinyl Large Size Unicorn Wall Decal Sticker Decor for Girls Bedroom Birthday Party, Multicolour

100% Natural Soy Wax Cubes || 500 Grams


  • This Soy Wax is 100% Natural, Paraffin-Free and is Naturally Scented. With a relatively low melting point (115°-120°), this wax is beautifully creamy and smooth as it melts. Definitely a favorite of soy candle makers everywhere!
  • Our wax contains a soy based additive to reduce frosting and increase fragrance load. This wax is easy to work with and versatile for any project- whether you are a beginner or a candle making expert!
  • It blends well with many other waxes such as paraffin, slack, and microcrystalline wax. This Soy Wax melts perfectly and requires minimal equipment – great for those wanting small batches of candles, just select the quantity you need and seal the rest in an air-tight package
  • Package Weight: 500Gms

How to Use – Candle Making: STEP 1 : Weigh out your soy candle wax as required STEP 2 : Heat the wax in a pan to 160 degrees STEP 3 : Stir in your fragrance and pour the melted soy wax into room temperature jars

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